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Techno Gone Loco!

Today I finally successfully typed my first post, yahoo! Well, we’re getting closer, and closer till’ Halloween. This year I am not trick or’ treating though, I am just going to stay home and scare! Muahahahaha! Sorry. So today, we are going to have some funny techno pictures.

Finger, Head Smashing!

And I think I get really mad at the computer sometimes!

Batman Also Gets Spammed!

I get a ton of spam! Who likes spam anyway?

Tattooed Passwords!

Ok, I have a lot of passwords. But I am not that forgetful!

 Man, Tech Nerds!

The day when a tech nerd went crazy!

I think I will end this post on that note!

Comment on this if you get a lot of spam like me!

By the way, the website is under construction. It will still be up, but it just won’t have that finished look to it.